From James Kavanaugh's Laughing Down Lonely Canyons

(Note: James Kavanaugh sent me an email the other day. . .want to read it?)

Henry's the only guy I know who never graduated
from childhood,
Even though he has his own business
and has as much trouble with the IRS and
government regulations as anyone else.

It's just that work is only a game with Henry
And he can stop and talk in the midst of a major deal
As if he were still shooting marbles in the playground
If you met him at lunch, you wouldn't know if he
taught kindergarden,
Played a saxophone, or was rebuilding an old

You wouldn't know if he were rich or poor, a bank
clerk or its president,
A weekend refugee from a funny farm or a
successful inventor of video games.

He's curious about everything from hang gliders to
Wonders about sourdough bread and the
difference between good kings and bad

He likes books, movies, music, baseball, orchids,
pelicans, cars,
Tennis, trout fishing, parrots, prostitutes, and

He is fascinated with dinosaurs, bats, God, turtles,
Swans, nuns, bridge, crossword puzzles, and
scuba diving.

I don't know anyone he doesn't like, any food he
doesn't eat,
Any game he doesn't play, any animal he doesn't

He laughs at everything, especially at himself, cries
at funerals
And sad movies, and remembers birthdays like
and insurance man.

He celebrates weddings, births, sunny days, rainy
The first robin, the last goose, victories, defeats,
and rainbows.

And is the only guy I know who never graduated
from childhood.

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Update 1/1/2010:

If you're reading this page, you'll want to know that James Kavanaugh passed away on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009. He was 82.

I received an email from Bill at www.jkavanaugh.com yesterday and saw the first confirmation this morning in an article I picked up on news.google.com.

I can't over-state how important James' work has been to me through the years.

I wish his family, as well as other "seekers," all the best.

Rest in peace, Jim. We'll miss you.




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