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Update 1/1/2010:

If you're reading this page, you'll want to know that James Kavanaugh passed away on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009. He was 82.

I received an email from Bill at www.jkavanaugh.com yesterday and saw the first confirmation this morning in an article I picked up on news.google.com.

I can't over-state how important James' work has been to me through the years.

I wish his family, as well as other "seekers," all the best.

Rest in peace, Jim. We'll miss you.

In 1998 I received this email from James. I was thrilled, obviously. :=)


Date: December 22, 1998

Dear Bob:

I am very touched that you placed my poem on your web page.  I am glad to hear that my poetry has inspired you and helped you.  I appreciate that you referred to the name of the book and the publishing company.  If you would like to update the address, Steven J. Nash Publishing's address is now P. O. Box 19578    Kalamazoo, MI  49019 and the fax line is (616) 349-0868.

May I also take a moment to suggest another really great poem that might help you or just lift your spirits -- "After the Divorce" in Winter Has Lasted Too Long.  One of my favorite poem's is "One Day I Saw a Lonely Mountain" from Mystic Fire.

Your Friend,

James Kavanaugh

(Yes, it is really me!)

Here is a listing of some James Kavanaugh books available at Amazon.com. You can click on any of the links below to check pricing. Amazon has some other titles of his that are out of print, but Amazon can often find them for you. I've included Amazon's search feature at the bottom of this page.


America, I Love You but Not Like I Used to : A Ballad

And on the Sixth Day God Made Man...Honest! :

Celebrate the Sun : A Love Story

The Crooked Angel

From Loneliness to Love

God Lives : ...from Religious Fear to Spiritual Freedom

Laughing Down Lonely Canyons

A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough to Love You

A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church

Mystic Fire : The Love Poetry of James Kavanaugh

Private Reflections on Love.

Quiet Water : The Inspirational Poems of James Kavanaugh

Search : A Guide for Those Who Dare to Ask of Life Everything Good and Beautiful

Sunshine Days and Foggy Nights

Tears and Laughter of a Man's Soul

There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves

A Village Called Harmony : A Fable

Walk Easy on the Earth

Will You Be My Friend?

Winter Has Lasted Too Long

Tears and Laughter of a Man's Soul

Today I Wondered About Love


Like I mentioned above, you can search for other titles by using this nifty search engine.

Search: Enter keywords...


Amazon has books, sure, but music and videos and DVD!

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