Hi Everyone -
I don't know why I am going to tell you this story, because I am sure you have all lived it at least once yourselves :-)
The last 14 hours of our lives...
12:15 am: Finished up working, sent the last e-mails of the night, straightened up the kitchen and got ready for bed.
12:40 am: Climbed into the bed that had been calling me for hours :-)
12: 55 am: In comes Todd, wimpering that his tummy hurt. I looked at him and he was beet red! Took his temp (as he layed down on my bed and fell right back to sleep). It was 102.6. I worked (at my 3rd job) and watched him sleep and wimper and toss and turn and waited for the *rush* to the bathroom (but it never came).
1:30 am: Layed down to try to sleep, but it wasn't meant to be. Todd was too restless, hot and being a *typical male* again - a blanket hog!!!
1:45 am: Worked some more while I listened to him wimiper about his tummy and toss and turn in *my* bed!
2:45 am: He's finally sleeping peacefully. I debate on whether to try to get some sleep or not (I get up at 4:30). I decided that I would be better off just staying up all night so I went downstairs to fold laundry and find some trashy late night talk show to watch.
3:00 am: Layed down on the couch to watch TV
3 minutes later Todd is standing over me, "Mommy, wake up! (It's past 8:00). I looked at the clock and sure enough, it was 8:20am. I was supposed to be at work by 8:00 (I had actually planned on being there today around 7:00). I picked up the phone and dialed, while it rang I shoved the thermometer under his arm. He layed down on the couch and fell asleep with it there. Told work what was going on and set about trying to find a baby sitter.
Todd's temp is now 102.0
9:30 am: I have completed my calls to Jayme (who has classes all day until 4:30) Todd's Daycare to see if they knew anyone that babysat (they all had classes too). My friend Kim (who had already left for work). Jane (She interned in our office last quarter but has classes until 1:30). and Todd's old babysitter Sarah (who now has a real job and has to work today). I said to Sarah, "I can't believe I have lived in this town for a year and I don't know *anyone!*" She said, "Terri, it's not like you have time to go out and mingle and meet people." True.
9:35 am: I call Kaiser. I tell them that I don't think I need an appointment but that I just want to know what is going around, what to expect and how long it lasts. They tell me he *may* start vomiting, *may* get a sore throat, and that it lasts for 3-4 days. I ask if Strep is going around (because Todd gets Scarlett Fever and I want antibiotics *now* if it is!!!) She says, "Not really." "Call us if he has the high fever for more than 2 days or if he starts acting really sick."
9:45 am: I called work back and told them I had some calls out and may be able to find someone for this afternoon. They called the "pool" and got someone to come over and do part of my job.
I have to explain....*Most* days, I would stress a little about work but not worry too much....Today however, the boss has the schedule from h*ll and I am never going to be forgiven for leaving the scheduling secretary there alone to deal with it :-). I really need to be at work this afternoon!
9:55 am: I take a shower, just in case someone comes through for me, so that I can be ready to run out the door.
10:30 am: I wake Todd up and tell him I am going to go to the store to get him some "sick foods." I tell him not to answer the phone or door and to stay where he is (like he was going to get up and move? I don't think so!) I went to the little "mini mall" around the corner and started at the grocery store. As I was going into the store I saw 3 Moms sitting outside of the coffee shop drinking their coffee. After the grocery store I went to the video store. When I came out of there, there were about 6 Moms sitting outside of the coffee shop. Then I went to the coffee shop. When I left there were at least 10 moms sitting outside, drinking coffee, bragging about their kids and gossiping. So that's what the Davis stay at home moms do! That might work for me a morning or two a week....but anymore than that and I'd go *nuts!*
11:15 am: I am done stressing about not being at work now. They will survive without me! I am home now. Todd is sleeping in the exact same position he was in when I left. I wake him up to force him to drink something, because I know he's got to be dehydrating, and to make him take some Tylenol. All he is doing is sleeping, sweating and peeing. He decides he wants to sleep upstairs, so I carried him up and he chose my bed. As soon as I layed him down he asked for Piano Music and was asleep before I could press "play." About 5 minutes later he sat straight up, pointed to the black blanket and said, "Look, it's white from here to here." There was no white. I said, "Let's take your temperature." "I don't have a temperature," he said as he wiped the sweat off of his neck. We took his temp and it was now 102.4 He went back to sleep and I went downstairs to unpack some things of my Grandma's that I had brought back with me this weekend.
12:30 pm: Todd comes downstairs and screams, "Mommy!!! There are birds in the kitchen! Get them out!" There were no birds. I took the temp again and it was still 102.4
Now, the fever is high but not *too* high so I debated over whether or not to call the doctor (because of the hallucinations). I decided to just let him sleep (he's back on the couch now) and the next time he woke up, I'd try to keep him awake for a while and see if he's still seeing things when he is *really* awake. 12:45 pm: Mommy now has the beginings of a headache. Back to straightening up. 2:00 pm: The headache is winning so I finally take some of my medicine (Midrin). The downstairs is now spotless....If anyone wants to stop by, *now* is the time to do it :-) Todd woke up to go to the bathroom so I made him drink and he asked for some applesauce. Took his temp again and it's back down to 102. (with Tylenol). I sat on the couch with him and watched "Nick Jr." and made him stay awake. He was telling me a story that started with, "Remember when....." It has nothing to do with anything we have ever done. So I called Kaiser and am now waiting for the doctor to call back. I called work and told them that I definately wouldn't be in this afternoon, and that I was working on tomorrow. (Jayme can come over at 1:30, but I don't have anyone before that).
2:30 pm: Todd is now back asleep on the couch, I am waiting for the doctor to call. The headache isn't going away and I need a nap!!! But I have too much other stuff to do. I am going to sit at my computer and work now until the doctor calls. Hopefully I can get my work all done this afternoon and I can go to bed early tonight and get at least 6 hours sleep!!!
Before we moved over here, I had a great support network. I had plenty of friends, family and babysitters for days like these. Now, I have no one :( Luckily these days don't happen too often :-)
I am now going to go rummage through Todd's "sick food" and have some lunch. I think I'll have some of his "Double Noodle" soup :-) and then it's back up here to work.
I hope you all had great days!!

Keep smiling :-)

Do you remember the furor when 'Murphy Brown' wanted to have a child out of wedlock? It's my opinion that anyone that wants to make a child without another parent being involved and around all the time is displaying evidence that they aren't ready yet. Again, my opinion and other's mileage may vary.

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